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Eggs in tray

Christmas Gift Buying Guide for the Egg Lover

Christmas Gift Buying Guide for the Egg Lover

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It hasn't eggsactly been the year any of us planned for and now you want to show the egg lover in your life just how eggstraordinary they are. Which is why we've put together a few gift options they're sure to love.

1. Personalised Egg & Toast Board

Got a kid who gets super eggcited when there's boiled eggs on toast for brekky? Then this personalised egg & toast board is sure to be a winner...they're likely to want to eat even more eggs for brekky now they've got this present!Details here.

2. Kenji Fried Egg Socks

Every man secretly showcases his true personality through his choice of socks - and these socks say "I love eggs"

Details here.

3. Egg Poacher Pod

Even the best of us can sometimes have difficulty with poaching eggs, so why not help out a friend and get them these silicone poaching pods.

For some extra tips and tricks on poaching eggs check out our method for Perfectly Poached Eggs here.

Details here.

4. MULTI Egg Cooker

Preparing your snacks for the next few days or boiling up eggs to turn into devilled eggs has never been easier. This multi-egg cooker takes all the work out of it for you.

Details here and here

If you're in need of a devilled eggs recipe for your Christmas entertaining try ours here:

The New Devilled Egg

Beetroot and Harissa Pickled Devilled Eggs

5. Fried Egg Earrings

Nothing says "when I see you it's always sunny side up" quite like these fried egg earrings, perfect for the slightly egg-centric woman in your life.

Details here.

6. Daisy Egg Separator

Oops-a-daisy! It's not always easy separating eggs. It can be time consuming, tricky and messy. But this daisy-shaped egg separator makes it a whole lot easier.

Simply crack the egg into the centre of the daisy and the egg whites will drain right out.

Details here.

Looking for some more recipe inspiration? Why not try our passionfruit curd and coconut meringue jars. They are delicious and the curd uses egg yolks, while the meringue uses the egg whites so the egg separator will come in handy.

7. Pie Maker

Everyone's favourite kitchen appliance this year would have to be the pie maker! But did you know you can cook eggs in it too?!?

Try our pie maker egg hack recipes for super tasty snacks throughout the week.

Details here.

8. Wooden Egg Blocks

The young ones needn't miss out when it comes to egg related gifts! Get kids learning all about eggs early on in life with these wooden egg blocks.

And if you're after some recipes for your young ones why not check out our 'First Foods' recipe collection here which includes a delicious egg worm noodles with simple fried rice recipe.

Details here.

9. Homemade Gingerbread House by Anna Polyviou

If you'd prefer to put your baking skills to the test why not create this eggsquisite gingerbread house by Anna Polyviou for someone special.

Find the recipe here.

Want to see what an egg farm looks like? Take this interactive 360 degree tour to see how eggs are produced in Australia.

Free range farm with two people