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Eggs in tray

Professional Athlete Nana Owusu-Afriyie on how eggs fuel her goals

Professional Athlete Nana Owusu-Afriyie on how eggs fuel her goals

Athlete and dietetics university student Nana reveals how her studies have impacted her opinion of eggs.

Nana Owusu Afriyie crop

1. Why do you love eggs? Describe your favourite ways to eat eggs.

I’m a very picky eater and with eggs you can make so many different quick and simple meals which are very fuelling after a training session!

My favourite way to eat eggs is a tough one because I love scrambled eggs just as much I love a hard-boiled egg.

2. How many eggs would you eat in a week?

I eat eggs around 4 to 6 times a week ! They’re great snacks before and after training.

3. How would you describe eggs in one word?


4. What does an average day look like for you in terms of activities, but also your diet?

My average day includes work in the morning and afternoon - I do coaching as well as strength and conditioning. In between those shifts I do both a track and gym session. So it's a very active day! I'll often have a uni lecture or tutorial as well.

Because I am very active and on the go I need to fuel myself in proportion to the training I did with meals that will replenish my body with the required nutrients.

I always have a snack on hand and I'm very good at meal prepping so I always have a source of food to get me through the day!

5. How do you schedule your eating around your training?

My training sessions are usually in the early hours of the morning and late afternoon, so I make sure I fuel with the right food before and after. For instance, after a session when I want to get a source of protein into my body, a hard boiled egg is a perfect post-workout snack. Even pre-work out eggs have many amino acids which are great to repair the damage your muscle tissue incurs through intense exercises or workouts.

6. What made you get into competitive running?

My primary school PE teacher! After a couple of years of school carnivals and interschool sport athletics competitions he encouraged me to join a little athletics club. Two years later I joined Waverley little athletics club and I’ve haven't stopped running since!

7. You have been studying nutrition science recently, how have your studies impacted your thoughts on eggs?

I love food and I love to eat and being a nutrition student allows me to splurge in different aspects of food I wouldn’t necessarily think about. There is a lot of science behind food and I find that many people have a lot of opinions and theories on what and how often we can eat certain foods or if we should eliminate them from our diet.

During my degree there have been a lot of advice and comments about eggs and how often, when, and what to eat them with. From my learnings, I back the positive research on eggs and believe in eating eggs on a daily basis to fuel myself as an athlete.

8. How do eggs support your own health & fitness goals?

Eggs support me on and off the track - from building, repairing and strengthening my muscles to increasing my brain function, whether it’s concentrating on my technique on the track or studying. Even giving me energy to get through my busy work, training and life schedule, eggs support me to reach my goals.

9. How do you like to cook? Is it something quick and easy whilst you’re on the go? Or do you like to take time and make a big meal?

My favourite egg dish is scrambled eggs on toast with spring onion, salt and chilli flakes with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese!  When I make this meal I have about 2 to 3 eggs.

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