Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cost of the program?

The cost of the Hatchery Program varies between each state and hatchery provider. Please refer to the desired hatcheries website for more information and pricing.


The cost of the program covers all of the expenses associated with the program – the chicks, incubator and pick and delivery to your school.

All of the curriculum linked resources & Teacher Resource Packs available from All About Eggs are provided free of charge.

Why isn’t my suburb/state serviced?

We currently only service the following states: QLD, NSW, VIC, WA & SA. However, we are looking to expand the program so students across the whole of Australia are able to take part. If you are outside of the states mentioned and are keen to get involved, please get in touch and we will keep you updated.

What happens to the chicks after the program?

Any chicks that cannot be given a home by the facility at which they were hatched are returned to the hatchery. Then appropriate homes are sourced for all of the chicks.

How long will the Hatchery Program be in my school?

The hatchery and chicks will be in your school for 2 or 3 full weeks.

Will I have to take the chicks home over the weekend?

No, self-feeders and water containers are supplied so the chicks have everything they need.

What age range is the Hatchery Program for?

The Hatchery Program is suitable for ALL primary students, however, the accompanying activities are most suitable for Years 1 - 4.

Is this program curriculum linked?

The Hatchery Program is linked to the Australian Curriculum for F - 6 and to the EYLF. A list of curriculum links can be found on the main hatchery page. The accompanying resources in the Teacher Resource Packs available from All About Eggs are all linked to the Australian Curriculum for years 2, 3 and 4.

Are there any supporting resources to use in my classroom?

Yes, we will supply your classroom with an activity pack which includes: posters x 2, activity sheets, a “Journey of an Egg” picture book x 30 and Australian Eggs branded aprons x 30.

What will my students learn by participating in the hatchery program?

Life cycles of animals; how to look after animals; collaboration; group work; literacy, e.g. explanation, description, non-fiction texts, information writing; numeracy, e.g. how much food or water, when to change the bedding, when to put the newly hatched chicks into the main enclosure; community engagement.

Does my school need any special equipment to support the hatchery?

No, the hatchery will supply all the equipment and provide full instructions.

What equipment is supplied by the hatchery?

  • A clear hatcher, which allows 360-degree viewing.
  • 12 fumigated, embryo eggs.
  • 2 to 3 one-day-old chicks to enjoy watching while you await the arrival of the new chicks.
  • A large brooding pen with clear, Perspex sides, to allow for easy viewing.
  • A commercial ‘feeder’ and ‘drinker’ for your chicks.
  • A brooding lamp.

When will the eggs hatch?

The eggs should start hatching the day you receive them and continue over the next few days for optimal viewing of the process.