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What About Welfare?

year 6


Science, The Arts (Drama)


In this lesson students will understand how the growth and survival of a hen is affected by the physical conditions of its environment. They will gain knowledge of the ways in which egg farmers care for their hens and how the government enforces strict guidelines to ensure the safety and wellbeing of egg laying hens.

Upon completion of this lesson students will demonstrate a basic understanding of:

  • How the growth and survival of egg laying hens is affected by the physical conditions of their environment
  • The definition of animal welfare and biosecurity
  • How social competition affects hens
  • How farmers and governments are working together to optimise the well-being of egg laying hens in Australia
  • Making informed choices as a consumer in relation to the treatment of hens

Resources and Materials:

  • Interactive whiteboard
  • www.allabouteggs.com.au
  • Props for dramatic representation
  • Video recording technologies/camera
  • iMovie, podcasts, movie maker applications or PowerPoint/Keynotes


Biosecurity, welfare, physical, guidelines, government, farmer, housing, health, nutritionist, nutrient, protein, carbohydrate, vitamin, mineral, commercial, temperature, lighting, disease, infectious, parasite, predators, competition, dominant, hierarchy, hygiene, disposal, vaccination, pesticide, insulation, and ventilation.

Higher Order Thinking Skills (Bloom’s Taxonomy):

  • Knowledge
  • Comprehension
  • Application
  • Analysis
  • Synthesis
  • Evaluation

Extension/Open-Ended Questions:

Quality Assurance is the term used to explain the conditions of how a product is produced under strict guidelines. Conduct research into how Quality Assurance could be implemented in a farm scenario in Australia. Consider issues such as food, safety, quarantine and biosecurity, animal welfare, product labelling and environmental sustainability.


The growth and survival of living things are affected by physical conditions of their environment (ACSSU094)


Explore dramatic action, empathy and space in improvisations, playbuilding and scripted drama to develop characters and situations (ACADRM035)