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Cooking in the Classroom

year 1-3


English, Maths, Science, Health and Physical Education

This program is for Stage 1 and 2 students and their educators looking to investigate cooking and associated health and wellbeing considerations. The program consists of five recipe cards and an accompanying curriculum-linked teacher guide.

The recipe cards provide easy-to-follow instructions for preparing dishes such as muesli bars, pikelets, sweetcorn and broccoli slice, and more. These cards can be used for hands-on cooking activities or just used as in-classroom learning materials.

The teacher guide accompanying the recipe cards contains a range of curriculum-linked activities. Students attempting the activities in the guide will:

  • Learn how to safely and hygienically prepare and present different dishes
  • Discover and use new vocabulary specific to cooking
  • Discuss and use different units of measurement
  • Develop their social skills as they prepare dishes together
  • Investigate a range of ingredient and their health benefits as part of a balanced diet

The suggested activities in the guide are appropriate for lower primary school students. Teachers are encouraged to modify all activities to suit the abilities and interests of their students.