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Scrambled Science

stage 4-5


Physical Sciences,Biological Sciences,Design and Technologies, English

The four Scrambled Science guides have been developed for high school Science teachers, looking for practical ways to demonstrate and explore scientific concepts in the classroom and at home. 

Each activity guide focuses on one specific concept, giving an overarching challenge for students to respond to, with supporting activities to integrate cross-curricular priorities and help structure their understanding. This ensures depth and richness within the learning. Each guide also features an extension task to encourage students to apply their understanding to new situations and encourage further thinking. All activities are appropriate for students in Years 7 - 10 but may be scaled up or down depending on student needs. Teachers can choose to use the suggested activities as standalone challenges, or incorporate them into wider units of work. 

By engaging with the Scrambled Science challenges students will: 

  • Explore the concept of osmosis and apply understanding in a range of contexts
  • Investigate the laws of energy and motion with designed experiments
  • Understand kinetic and potential energy in context
  • Explore mechanical engineering principles in relation to structural integrity
arch strength
forces motion

For Teachers

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