Meet Australian Egg Farmers

John Sattler

John is a livestock manager in Tasmania with 35 years of experience. He is responsible for the welfare of hens in both free range and cage production systems.

Damien Ash

A third generation egg farmer from Kemps Creek New South Wales, Damien now runs the farm that his grandfather started in 1958. He says he wants to build a stronger and more sustainable business to eventually hand down to his two daughters.


Rachel is a free range egg farmer from Munster, Western Australia. See her boutique family farm and learn why she's passionate about young women in agriculture.


The barn-laid or cage-free category of eggs is often misunderstood by the general public. In this video egg farmer Rob Peffer, from Molong New South Wales, takes you through his family farm to show what a barn of egg laying hens looks like. 

Gillian Burke

Gillian is a cage egg farmer from Tamworth, New South Wales. Her grandparents started the mixed farming operation in the 1950s but Gill is now responsible for the egg farming side of the family business.