Maximising the health and productivity of hens is a research priority for Australian Eggs. The increasing proportion of free range hens in recent years and greater variability within free range production systems has the potential to impact the reliability of egg supply.

To assist industry in maintaining strict biosecurity Australian Eggs conducts biosecurity research and has produced a range of resources to translate research learnings into helpful on-farm resources.

The biosecurity research program includes the investigation of short term, industry transferable solutions to hen disease and biosecurity threats as well as blue sky research, to ensure industry can address biosecurity proactively. 

Through this research and extension pathway, Australian Eggs aims to help industry achieve fewer and shorter breaks in production due to disease and flock health and provide more reliable egg supply for consumers.

For the farm, having a biosecurity management plan is the best way to strategically approach biosecurity. A biosecurity management plan draws together and documents each of the activities conducted on-farm to ensure disease doesn't enter, spread throughout or leave the farm. Australian Eggs has developed a Biosecurity plan template to guide producers through the process of creating a biosecurity management plan through:

1) identifying and assessing biosecurity risks to the farm
2) developing procedures to manage biosecurity risks
3) managing and reassessing risk on an ongoing basis

The template consists of three booklets, all of which can be downloaded below, or ordered in printed format from Australian Eggs. 

Research library

Reports on biosecurity research are available in the research library.

Farm Biosecurity website

More information is available on the Farm Biosecurity website.

Biosecurity plan template

Antimicrobial Stewardship Framework Guideline

National Farm Biosecurity Technical Manual

National Poultry Biosecurity Manuals

Codes of practice

Biosecurity posters

Backyard Poultry Advice