Avian Influenza Guidelines

AI is a notifiable disease in all states and territories of Australia because it is highly pathogenic to poultry and some strains are able to infect humans.

Australian Eggs has prepared an Avian Influenza Guideline for producers to help with their understanding of the disease and provide clear instructions on identifying the presence of AI, contamination responses, risk reduction practices and deterrent techniques for producers.

The Avian Influenza checklist (below) has been designed to assist producers in the event of a suspected or positive AI case on the property. 

State and Commonwealth Support

State and Commonwealth governments and the national chicken meat and egg industries have formally agreed to share the costs of responding to an outbreak of AI. This helps to ensure that a rapid and effective emergency response can be immediately mounted if the disease occurs.

For information relating to the status of AI in the various states, please visit the website for each territory from the list below.

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources closely monitors international outbreaks of avian influenza.

Agriculture Victoria

New South Wales Department of Primary Industries

Queensland Government Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Primary Industries and Regions SA

Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development

AI Guidelines

AI Checklist

Agriculture Victoria Fact Sheets

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