Example power bill

example power bill

Use the below example power bill and information to help you in transferring the correct figures from your power bill into the calculator. 

Demand Price: To find your Demand Price, this can be read directly off the bill, highlighted in green in this example as 7.689 $/kVA/month. To convert to $/kVA/day, divide this by 30 = 0.2563 $/kVA/day. Put this number in the solar tool for "Power Demand Price [$/kW/day or $/kVA/day]"

Volume Price: To find your effective Volume Price, subtract the kVA cost (yellow) from the total bill (blue), then divide by total kWh (red)

In this example bill, this equals ($9,669.89 - $1,422) / 45570 kWh = 0.18 $/kWh. Put this number in the solar tool for "Power Volume Price [$/kWh]"

power bill V2