Food Safety

Food safety is a key issue for both consumers and egg farmers and it is critical to maintaining confidence in eggs as a food staple. Previous work has demonstrated it is possible to minimise risks arising on-farm to a very low level and we are continuing to work on this through both research and communication activities.

There remains even greater potential to assist in managing food safety risks arising in the post-farm egg value chain by facilitating dialogue between the egg industry, food safety regulators and end-users of eggs and egg products. This is an important focus area for Australian Eggs as the intended outcomes include reduced food safety issues, increased consumer confidence and enhanced industry credibility.

Research library

Reports on food safety and human nutrition are available in the research library.

SE Guide for Producers

Salmonella Response Plans

  • Synopsis-of-Salmonella-Response-Plan.pdf

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    This synopsis is an adaptation of the Salmonella Incidence Response Plan, and is designed to provide a minimum standard for use by farmers if their farm is implicated in a foodborne outbreak.


  • Salmonella-Incidence-Response-Plan.pdf

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  • Salmonella-Enteritidis-Response-Plan.pdf

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Codes of practice

Egg Stamping

  • Egg-Stamping-Guide.pdf

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    Guide to Australian laws, regulations and standards for egg producers.


  • Egg-stamping-fact-sheet.pdf

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Through-chain Salmonella risk identification

Salmonella posters