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In this section 

Rodenticide Guide- covers effective rodent baiting and details on available rodenticides.   

Biosecurity Plan Template- for farms needing guidance in developing a biosecurity plan. 

National Farm Biosecurity Manual for Egg Production- an essential on-farm biosecurity guide for all farms. 

National Poultry Biosecurity Manuals- manuals describing the minimum set of biosecurity standards applicable to all poultry producers.

Biosecurity Posters- a set of 6 downloadable posters which demonstrate best practice biosecurity across six elements of egg production.   

Advice for on- selling hens- short document about biosecurity and regulations for selling hens to the community.

Rodenticide Guide 

This guide covers the basics of rodent baiting on-farm, and provides a summary of all available rodenticides. This will be helpful for assessing which chemicals and products might be effective on your farm. 

Click here to view the entire document online or contact Australian Eggs to order a printed copy. 

Biosecurity Plan Template

For the farm, having a biosecurity management plan is essential. A biosecurity management plan enables the farm to best prepared for preventing disease from entering, spreading through or leaving the farm.

Australian Eggs has developed a Biosecurity Plan Template to guide producers through the process of creating a biosecurity management plan.

The template consists of three booklets, all of which can be downloaded through the below links, or ordered in printed format from Australian Eggs. 

Booklet 1- Instructions for using the template

Booklet 2- Template document

Booklet 3- Internal biosecurity audit guide 


National Farm Biosecurity Manual for Egg Production

This document provides practical guidance for manging key biosecurity concerns on an egg farm including: 

  • Training and operational procedures 
  • Facility cleaning 
  • Movement of people through the farm 
  • Management of water 
  • Managing free range areas 
  • Rodent and vermin control 

Click here to access the entire document online or contact Australian Eggs to order a printed copy. 

National Poultry Biosecurity Manuals

Two manuals have been produced by the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture. These establish a minimum set of biosecurity standards, applicable to all poultry producers. It is expected that these minimum standards are incorporated in all poultry farms. 

Click the images below to access the full documents online or contact Australian Eggs to order a printed copy. 

Biosecurity Posters

Australian Eggs has developed a set of A4 posters which display key information on important areas of biosecurity. They can be used as reminders throughout the farm, or as training tools. 

The following biosecurity posters are available to download: 

Click on the title of interest above to download or contact Australian Eggs to order printed copies.  

The posters have the below format. 

Guidance- Selling hens to the backyard market 

This short document provides for selling hens safely to the community including the state biosecurity regulations to be aware of. 

Click the header above to download. 

There are no documents available at the moment.

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