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Skills and Knowledge

Australian Eggs supports farm workers to upskill, improve efficiency and quality, and learn from industry experts in our accredited and non-accredited courses.


Developed in collaboration with egg producers, training organisations and industry experts, EggStart is an induction program for egg farm employees new to the industry or those needing a refresher. It covers seven topics which can be undertaken separately or combined into a program suited to your needs. Topics covered:

  • Working in the egg industry – on farm
  • Understanding and participating in WHS processes
  • Complying with personal hygiene to maintain food safety
  • What poultry health and welfare means
  • Following site biosecurity procedures
  • Quality assurance for the egg industry
  • Participating in workplace communications

Certificate III in Poultry Production

The Certificate III in Poultry Production is our flagship training package that gives workers with approximately 6 months experience a thorough grounding in the technical aspects of egg production. The course is presented by industry experts including veterinarians either as a series of workshops delivered in a central location or as a webinar series. The course is continually updated and includes husbandry demonstrations, farm visits and practical farm projects for participants to apply their learnings back into their business. It covers the whole scope of farm operations from bird health and welfare, feed and input management, environmental sustainability, workplace communication and safety, quality assurance and production management.

Those who participate in the course and show dedication to learning, supporting others in the course and have a passion for industry have the chance to be nominated for the Australian Eggs Student of the Year Award.

Other courses are available, including the Certificate IV in Leadership and Management, Certificate IV in Agriculture (Poultry), Diploma in Agriculture as well as skillsets and short courses designed to suit your needs.

For more information on training, including course details, timings, costs and to enrol, contact our training partner:
Robyn Richards
4 Up Skilling
0407 358 191
[E-Mail via form]

Vaccination training manual

The manual will help egg farm staff gain the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to become a competent vaccinator. Competent vaccinators are essential for the egg industry, as vaccination is effective only if it is carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions. To do this you must receive, transport, store, prepare and administer vaccines correctly so that an effective dose is applied to each bird.

Vaccination improves bird health and welfare, and maximises egg production by preventing infectious disease outbreaks. It allows farm managers to prevent, rather than try to cure, disease. This is an essential part of ensuring the viability of individual farms and the egg industry as a whole.

Follow this link to download the manual or open the document folder below.

Egg Quality Manual

The Egg Quality Manual allows farmers to compare the internal and shell quality of their eggs with typical industry data to help make informed production decisions.

It is important that the Australian egg industry has available guidelines on egg shell quality and internal quality that can realistically be achieved in a commercial setting.

The Egg Quality Manual is available at this link and in the document folder below.


  • Vaccination Training Manual

    Last changed: 21/11/2018 4:00pm PDF (4.8 MB)

    This manual will help people gain the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to become a competent vaccinator. Vaccination improves bird health and welfare, and maximises egg production by preventing infectious disease outbreaks.


Egg Quality