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cooking together makes
the food taste better

Do you remember being in the kitchen as a child? Standing on a box to reach the counter, keeping up with your family, watching them cook. Together you’d whisk, or crack, or stir, and together you created memories.

We believe those moments spent together make the food taste better.

The world is changing and now coming together is more important than ever. Cooking a new dish together is an opportunity to share stories of our histories and can take us across oceans and lifetimes to different places and cultures - whether it’s baking a cake or a celebratory pavlova, frying some rice or adding an egg to a barbecued burger.

So take some time, once a week, to come together in the kitchen, not just to make food but a connection. It could be an amazing meal, an everyday meal, an experimental meal, a meal with a flat mate or your best friend, something new, or an old favourite – all that matters is that, together, we make it a meal to remember.



Whether you're cooking up a storm with your housemates or passing cooking techniques onto your kids, there are recipes for every skill level and to cater to everyone's taste buds.

Check out our top picks for making a meal to remember with your loved ones below:



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