AECL backs the authority of regulators in WA

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The Australian Egg Corporation (AECL) is alarmed by reports of an egg producer in Western Australia being investigated for breaching animal welfare requirements on his farm. Concern regarding the health and safety of the animals has been raised by regulatory authorities, with AECL acting swiftly to dispatch an independent auditor to the site to determine the intensity of the issue.

AECL fully supports the investigation of any egg farmer in Australia who does not meet current legislative requirements as they relate to all aspects of egg production, especially when it relates to inadequate protection of the health and welfare of the birds.

The farmer was a member of the EGG Corp Assured (ECA) program, however his license was suspended immediately once concerns about the farm were known to AECL, and pending an independent third party audit. We have been advised that all eggs have been quarantined on the farm and will not enter into the food chain.

It is imperative that farmers that are not meeting their legal commitments do not taint the reputations of hardworking and dedicated members of the Australian egg industry.

The modern day Australian egg farmer places the welfare (health and safety) of their flock above all else. It is in their interests to do so - a healthy hen means healthy egg production. AECL supports and promotes the ongoing commitment that Australian egg farmers display toward their animals, their customers and the quality product that they produce.

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