Australian egg farming standards

Australian Eggs has responded to recent media interest on free range egg farming standards by outlining the steps the industry has taken to ensure first-class farming practices and continuous improvement.

Rowan McMonnies, Managing Director of Australian Eggs, said consumers pay more for free range and they expect the farming systems to deliver.

“Egg farmers understand that consumers expect value and are committed to continuously improving the way they farm,” Mr McMonnies said.

“Australian Eggs is assisting the industry to build consumer confidence in all farming systems, whether caged, barn or free range.

“We’ve recently launched Egg Standards Australia (ESA) - a new and updated quality assurance framework - which gives an independently audited guarantee to our retail partners and consumers that the industry is embracing best practice.

“ESA has been updated to reflect the new National Information Standard on Free Range Eggs which will provide consumers with greater certainty about the quality of free range eggs and more information about stocking densities on all free range packs.

“ESA will also be able to incorporate new animal welfare standards coming out of the current review of the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals for poultry. This process is expected to result in a move from a voluntary standard to a new, legislated and compulsory set of standards and guidelines.”

“The combination of industry-led improvements and clearer government regulation has been supported as a way to increase confidence in the ability of the industry to consistently meet world’s best practice,” Mr McMonnies said.

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