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CSIRO report shows increased community trust in the egg industry

CSIRO report shows increased community trust in the egg industry

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  • 57% of Australians expressed trust in the industry, up 4% from 2018, and only 10% of respondents conveyed distrust.
  • A growing number (76%) of Australians recognise egg farming’s lower environmental impact relative to other agricultural industries, up from 66% last year.
  • Hen welfare continues to be very important to the community with 93% of Australians stating they care about the welfare of hens.

New data from Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, reveals the level of acceptance and trust in the egg industry by the Australian public has increased since 2018.

The CSIRO research is based on a representative sample of over 5,630 Australians and is part of the second annual cycle of community engagement to inform the Australian Egg Industry Sustainability Framework. The aim of the research is to provide the egg industry with a deeper understanding of community sentiment and measure the impact of engagement and responsiveness by the industry on key sustainability issues.

Lead scientist, Dr Kieren Moffat, said “our main goals this year were to evaluate any change in community sentiment and explore in more detail issues that were identified last year as important to the Australian community.”

“The data showed a positive shift in people’s perceptions of environmental impact, an area that was unclear to many respondents in 2018 despite being a key focus area for the egg industry’s Sustainability Framework.

“There was a substantial increase in the number of Australians who felt that egg farming has a lower impact on the environment than other industries (76% compared to 66% last year) and those who believe that egg farming is a good use of land (77% compared to 73% last year).

“Hen welfare continues to be an important topic for Australians, with 77% of respondents stating more needs to be done to improve the living conditions of hens. However, only 57% of the respondents agreed that egg prices would need to rise for this improvement in welfare to happen.”

Rowan McMonnies, Managing Director of Australian Eggs, said “running a transparent community engagement process is not for the faint-hearted and we wanted to see if the efforts made by the industry would cut through. It feels like we are on the right track and egg farmers are starting to see the real value of increasing their engagement with the public.”

“The CSIRO results indicate that the process is valued by the community, providing egg farmers with additional motivation to continue the good work they are doing in addressing industry challenges.”

Now in its second year, this survey is a three-year research project aimed at enhancing livelihoods, improving community and animal wellbeing, reducing environmental impact and ensuring the economic sustainability of the egg industry.


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Consultation Methodology

Survey responses were collected across the country through two methods: a research panel matched to ABS population statistics (representative sample) and an open call via a web link (open sample).

Once the data was cleaned the final numbers were:

  • Representative sample – 5,630 analysed surveys 
  • Open sample – 1,310 analysed surveys 

The CSIRO report provides both a summary of the key findings and the comprehensive results of each sample and is available at this link.

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