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Enjoy Eggs Safely

Enjoy Eggs Safely

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Recent events in the southern NSW town of Albury have highlighted the need for the food service sector and consumers to be aware of safe food handling and storage procedures to ensure the safety of their food.

It has been reported that over 130 people have suffered from salmonella (salmonellosis) contamination that has been traced back to an aioli sauce that was made on the premises and prepared with unpasteurised raw eggs. We believe the sauce had been stored for a number of days. The Australian Egg Corporation (AECL) is extremely concerned over any ill health that is associated with the egg industry, and will continue to reinforce safe food practices to all Australian egg farmers and their customers.

The egg industry want to see improved food safety standards within the food services sector, including greater training, accreditation and auditing similar to the rigor of the mandatory requirements met by egg farmers. The egg industry is well regulated with respect to food safety, along with other production characteristics, and is required to undergo regular auditing and testing to ensure their product is of the highest quality.

The AECL implore that all food service operators practice good food safety in the kitchen by washing your hands and cooking utensils with soap and water before and after preparing food. Awareness of safe food handling, storage and processing procedures will prevent most food born illness.

The ideal temperature to store eggs is 5 degrees. If this is not possible, keep your eggs at no more than 15 degrees and out of direct sunlight.

The Australian egg industry is committed to continuous improvement, as demonstrated by the adoption and ongoing development of the national quality assurance program-Egg Corp Assured. Egg Corp Assured eggs can be purchased with the utmost confidence by Australian consumers knowing that they are a safe, healthy and nutritious food.

For consumer-friendly information on eggs and salmonella click here.

For more information:
Jacqueline Baptista
Communications Manager
02 9409 6909
0411 192 329

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