How to get your egg business Egg Corp Assured

How to get your egg business Egg Corp Assured

Australian Egg Corporation Limited (AECL) has established Egg Corp Assured (ECA), the national egg quality assurance program, designed to help comm...

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Egg Corp Assured is a quality assurance program based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) and covers business practices relating to Pullet Rearing, Egg Production and Egg Grading/Packing. The Egg Corp Assured quality assurance program will address issues including food safety, biosecurity, animal welfare and egg labelling. These programs must be audited by a registered third party auditor.

Only egg businesses that have had their quality assurance program audited against Egg Corp Assured standards by an accredited ECA auditor are entitled to apply for the ECA trade mark.

The Key benefits:

  • Egg Corp Assured will be promoted to consumers as the premier egg quality mark in Australia
  • have your egg business included on the AECL website under your unique ID number
  • use Egg Corp Assured to incorporate the range of food standards in your jurisdiction
  • ensure better market access using the ECA quality trademark
  • minimise economic loss and litigation risk by communicating your Egg Corp Assured status.

Developing your QA program

Egg Corp Assured egg businesses must develop a Quality Assurance (QA) program that is consistent with Egg Corp Assured guidelines.

An Egg Corp Assured Manual is available from AECL at nominal cost to help businesses develop a QA program.

Once you have developed a QA program, an accredited Egg Corp Auditor will ensure it is consistent with the minimum standards. This can occur at the same time as your initial audit.

Auditing your business

Once you are confident that your QA program is consistent with Egg Corp Assured minimum standards, you can move to have your business licensed by:


  • engaging an accredited auditor (available at
  • having your egg business audited against your QA program
  • passing the audit by having no critical or major Corrective Actions Required (CARs) and less than 20% minor CARs
  • have the auditor lodge the report with AECL
  • send an application form and fee to AECL.

Levels of accreditation

‘A’ Certificate of License: 
For egg businesses who acheive an audit report containing no Corrective Action Required (CARs). 

‘B’ Certificate of License: 
Egg businesses who acheive an audit report containing less than 20% minor CARs have twelve months to address these issues.

Renewing your license

Licensed egg businesses must renew annually. ‘B’ licensed businesses can also seek an upgrade at any time within the annual period. 

The levels of license work as during initial accreditation with the following exceptions:

  • if a major CAR is identified, egg businesses have three months to address the issues and conduct a further audit or the license will be withdrawn
  • failure to correct minor CARs from the previous audit will result in an immediate loss of license. 

Your agreement with AECL

AECL reserves the right to issue Egg Corp Assured licenses in accordance with ECA Program minimum standards and Certification Rules. Third party expert advice may be sought in the event of a dispute, however all final decisions will rest with AECL. 

AECL reserves the right to conduct spot checks, carried out by a senior auditor, after giving notice of such.

The licence kit

AECL will issue a Certificate of License to egg businesses that comply with the published minimum standards and Certification Rules, based on recommendations provided by the auditor. 

Upon licensing, AECL will provide a license kit that includes:

  • certificate of license
  • trademark usage manual
  • business guidelines
  • a unique identifying number
  • certification rules.

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