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  • Biosecurity for the backyard chook

    Recent media interest in the animal and human health risks associated with keeping backyard poultry has revealed the need for improved biosecurity education.

  • CSIRO report shows increased community trust in the egg industry

    57% of Australians expressed trust in the industry, up 4% from 2018, and only 10% of respondents conveyed distrust. A growing number (76%) of Australians recognise egg farming’s lower environmental impact relative to other agricultural industries, up from 66% last year.

  • The nation's best egg dish crowned on World Egg Day

    Today on World Egg Day, Yum Yum Bakery (Guildford, NSW) has taken out the title of having Australia’s Best Egg Dish in the 2019 Eggsellence Awards.

  • Egg industry responds to new food safety challenges

    The Australian egg industry has worked closely with authorities to respond to the recent series of Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) incidents. SE has been detected on eleven egg farms in New South Wales and one in Victoria and all sites have been quarantined and undergone decontamination.

  • Egg industry to take the pulse of the nation

    Australians are invited to participate in an extensive nation-wide research program aimed at understanding attitudes towards the Australian egg industry.

  • Australian Eggs condemns animal cruelty

    Australian Eggs has been made aware of disturbing video footage of hens being abused at an egg farm in Victoria. The footage appears to show serious acts of animal cruelty including contractors attempting to kill hens through brutal and disgraceful methods that in no way reflects standard industry practice.

  • New Research Reveals Eggs Contain 82% of Daily Vitamin D Intake

    Eggs are one of the highest natural sources of vitamin D
    An average serve of eggs provides 82 per cent to help Aussies achieve the recommended vitamin D intake
    Australians are now consuming 17 million eggs per day, over two million more than 2017
    Vitamin D deficiency is common in Australia with almost…

  • Egg Industry Action on Food Safety

    Australian Eggs is working with government health and agricultural departments to investigate the cause of a Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) incident at a Victorian farm. SE is a concern as it poses a food safety risk.

  • Australian Eggs weighs in on US study linking eggs with increased heart disease risk

    In response to a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) over the weekend (1) and the associated media coverage that has appeared both globally and locally, Australian Eggs urges caution in how the study findings should be interpreted by Australian consumers.

  • Egg industry responds to community feedback

    The opinions of thousands of Australians who participated in a CSIRO research program about egg farming in Australia have been addressed in a Sustainability Framework Report for the egg industry.

  • Eggs go back to school

    Australians eat more than six billion eggs a year and the story of their production and consumption is being brought to life in a new schools education program.

  • Thousands respond to CSIRO egg industry survey

    A survey canvassing the views of thousands of Australians about the egg industry has found that while the industry is viewed positively by the public, it also faces key challenges in developing deeper levels of trust with the Australian people.

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