Recipes and Cooking: Low carb

Keep your meals tasty and nutritious even when you’re dieting with these creative low carb dinner recipes. These low carbohydrate dishes are easy to whip up in under 30 minutes and will add some new flavours to your day.

Our Stuffed Eggs 4 Ways recipe is a great snack to fill you up between meals or for a light dinner. Try these eggs stuffed with avocado, hummus, tuna, or sour cream and chives. 

Looking for a low carb egg salad? Try our healthy Eggs and Antipasto salad. The olives and grape tomatoes give it a distinctive Mediterranean taste you’ll love on warm evenings. Alternatively, we have a Nicoise salad with tuna or an Asian Style Beef and Egg Salad.  

Embrace your diet with these tasty low carb dinner recipes that can be whipped up in minutes. Browse the selection below and get a little creative with your meals.

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