Recipes and Cooking: Vegetarian

Make your vegetarian diet that much easier with these tasty and nutritional vegetarian egg recipes from Australian Eggs. Here, you’ll find a collection of meat-free dishes to serve you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Eggs make a great breakfast base or snack. Why not try our delicious Sweet Potato Pikelets topped with smashed avocado for a healthy kick to the day? Or experiment with our extensive range of omelette recipes for something different every day of the week.

Bubble and squeak fritters are a perfect option for lunch or dinner when you have too many leftovers in the fridge. Bring together all your odd bits and pieces in the vegetable drawer to create a protein-packed egg dinner that will fill you up nicely.

Browse our complete collection of egg recipes for vegetarians and get new inspiration for your next batch of meal plans.

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Free range farm with two people