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Easy Boiled Eggs Recipe

How to do perfect boiled eggs

There's no better comfort food than soft boiled eggs with buttered toast soldiers. Boiled eggs also feature in a huge range of dishes such as salads, sandwiches and curries, and for some of these you'll want a harder boiled egg.

So how do you get perfect soft, medium or hard boiled eggs, every time?

  1. Use a timer to keep it precise because cooking time is everything with boiled eggs
  2. Don't boil the water too hard: a light simmer is all that's needed
  3. Don't overcook the eggs, even for hard boiled eggs. The yolks will start turning grey and the whites will go rubbery.

Follow the method below and after doing it a few times you'll be able to cook exactly the boiled eggs you want without even thinking about it.

Preparation time 5 mins


  • Eggs
  • Tap water
  • Bread for toasting
  • Salt and pepper


Step 1: Take a saucepan and half fill it with cold water from the tap. Gently lower the eggs into the saucepan.

Step 2: Place the pan over a medium heat. Bring to a gentle simmer and gently stir the eggs in a clockwise direction. The movement of the water helps to centre the yolks.

Step 3:

Soft-boiled eggs

Simmer the eggs for 4 minutes for soft-boiled eggs

Medium-boiled eggs

Simmer the eggs for 5 minutes for semi-firm yolks and hard whites

Hard-boiled eggs

Simmer the eggs for 8 minutes for hard-boiled eggs

Step 4: Use a slotted spoon to remove the eggs from the water.


Serve softly boiled eggs in an egg cup with buttery toast cut into soldiers.

Now that you can boil perfect eggs every time, try some of the delicious recipes below.

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