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Recipes and Cooking: Poached, Page 2

Who doesn’t love a poached egg? With its runny yolk and creamy white, poached eggs can transform a drab meal into something amazing. Plus they will help you fill up more easily. 

The perfect addition to breakfast, lunch, or dinner, a poached egg provides a good hit of protein with your dish. Top off the perfect dinner dish such as beef ramen, carbonara, spaghetti, or even zoodles with a poached egg. 

If you’re not sure what to eat with your poached eggs, toast is always an easy go-to. Experiment with your toppings, such as smashed avocado or feta. Or replace the bread with a healthy base like vegetable fritters. 

Learn how to make poached eggs or browse our collection of poached egg recipe ideas below and start experimenting with your everyday meals.

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Free range farm with two people