Engaging with Australians

Australian Eggs provides a wide range of information for anyone interested in learning more about eggs. This includes recipes, how-to cooking videos, and information on health and nutrition and the role eggs play in meeting daily nutrient requirements.

For those interested in how eggs get from paddock to plate, there is easy to follow content available in the learn about egg farming section of this website.

Australian Eggs engages with the media in a proactive and transparent manner as a way of building greater consumer confidence and understanding of the egg industry. Topics that we engage on include the findings of research projects in areas such as food safety, animal welfare and biosecurity, and the implementation of Egg Standards of Australia – the new quality assurance program for the egg industry.

Interacting with consumers is very important to us and we use social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to share recipes, health and nutrition information and egg facts & tips. Australian Eggs responds to social media comments and queries whenever possible to build a stronger connection between consumers and the farmers who produce their eggs.