Engaging with farmers


Engaging with members and stakeholders is a continual process that ensures Australian Eggs’ programs reflect the priorities and needs of egg farmers.

We receive farmer input by having face-to-face conversations at forums, workshops and farm visits. We organise regular industry consultative committee meetings to allow farmer representatives to help us determine which programs to initiate. And we encourage farmers to submit feedback at any time through our website.

Recognising that egg farmers are spread across every part of the country, Australian Eggs’ workshops are held in every state and industry forums are rotated around different geographic areas.

We also engage regularly with industry representative bodies as we understand many farmers are members of producer groups and state farm organisations and the knowledge of these organisations is an important asset.


Australian Eggs communicates with farmers and stakeholders across the supply chain through a range of publications, digital channels and face-to-face meetings. This includes:

  • Magazine
  • E-newsletter
  • Website
  • Annual report
  • Social media channels
  • Workshops
  • Forums
  • Farm visits

Australian Eggs also develops a number of best practice guides and technical manuals to help farmers make informed decisions about their egg farming businesses. Wherever possible, information is presented in a practical and easy to follow format.