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Environmental Sustainability

10 Environmental Sustainability ES

Leading Research: in Environmental Sustainability

There is a need for egg businesses to demonstrate good environmental performance and stewardship as changes to environmental regulation adds uncertainty to industry investment decisions.

Investing in R&D that provides a single source of information to assist industry and regulators in the development process will reduce the time and cost of developing new facilities and/or expanding existing facilities. Furthermore, it will enable industry to maintain high levels of environmental management.

Key Resources

  • Egg Industry Environmental Guidelines

    The Egg Industry Environmental Guidelines are designed to assist in the development of new farms or the expansion of existing operations.

  • Sustainability Framework Report 2020

    The Sustainability Framework provides an opportunity for the Australian public to engage with the egg industry and inform continuous improvement efforts within the industry.

  • Composition and Value of Layer Manure

    These fact sheets summarise the properties of layer manure, some of their uses and economic value.

  • Pasture Selection and Management

    A guideline for Australian Free Range Egg Farms

Current Research

Completed Research

Projects you might find interesting

  • Resilient plants to entice hens outdoors on free range farms

    The aim of this project was to consolidate available agronomic information and provide an up-to-date resource for free range egg farmers on what and how to plant on the range. To complete this project the researcher integrated existing research on the topic, as well as learnings from 5 'case study farms' that the researcher worked with throughout the project.

  • Egg Industry Environmental Guidelines

    This project aimed to deliver improved environmental sustainability and planning outcomes for the egg industry by updating the existing guidelines to reflect changes in the industry since its first publication in 2008.

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