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Determining the cause and methods of control for ‘Spotty Liver Disease’

Published Authors P.C. Scott, R. Moore and T. Wilson Organisation Scolexia, RMIT Research Timing 1st Sep 2009 - 14th Jun 2016 Category Tag Export to PDF

This project aimed to identify the causative agent of Spotty Liver Disease (SLD) by both molecular and in vitro techniques, and to assess treatment and control options in the field. The study involved a literature review, and the investigation of field cases and sampling from both affected birds and those in another shed on the same farm, which were not affected. These samples were used to examine the histopathology of affected birds, to undertake genetic analysis of the gut flora of affected and control birds, to examine possible cell-toxicity of sera from affected birds, and to undertake challenge studies to attempt to reproduce the disease.