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Development of Molecular Tests for Serovar-Specific Identification and Typing of Haemophilus paragallinarum

Published Authors P.J. Blackall, M.I. Khan, X. Chen, C. Song and R. Bowles Organisation Queensland Poultry Research and Development Centre Research Timing Jan 1999 Category Tag Export to PDF

Haemophilus paragallinarum is the causative agent of infectious coryza, an upper respiratory tract disease of chickens characterised by relatively mild clinical signs. As there have been few studies on methods to type isolates of H. Paragallinarum, this project set to evaluate two different types of rapid, DNA based typing methods. 

This project has validated the technique referred to as ERIC-PCR as a molecular typing tool for investigating outbreaks of infectious coryza. The technique was also shown to be as good as some alternative molecular techniques for typing reference strains of H. paragallinarum and field isolates of H. paragallinarum from outbreaks of infectious coryza in China.