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Egg Industry Environmental Guidelines

Published Authors E.J. McGahan, S.G. Wiedemann, N. Gould Organisation Integrity Ag Services Research Timing 13th Jun 2016 - 30th Apr 2018 Category Tag Export to PDF
Suns up Green Eggs

The Egg Industry Environmental Guidelines provide a single source of information to assist industry and regulators in the development process, and in maintaining high levels of environmental management. Eight years after completion of the first guideline, a revision was due to address changes in planning and environmental guidance. Specifically, the guidelines have been updated to provide guidance regarding free range farms and their management. A considerable amount of research has been completed to underpin this revision, including evaluation of nutrient deposition on free range farms and developing a new method for assessing egg farm odour and separation distance calculations.

The Egg Industry Environmental Guidelines are designed to assist in the development of new farms or the expansion of existing operations.