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Traceability Technology Desktop Review

Published Authors J. Szabo, P. Carter, R. Barlow, N. Welti Organisation GS1; CSIRO Research Timing 2nd Sep - 31st Dec 2019 Category Tag Export to PDF

Egg traceability is important when it comes to demonstrating product provenance and validating production system claims, quality assurance and to secure premium prices. In practice, however, traceability is challenging as the egg supply chain is quite fragmented. Multiple production methods are undertaken on farms making identifying, separating, segregating and tracing system inputs and outputs complicated. Production and trade records are hard to verify and can easily be manipulated, allowing for potential mislabelling and fraud.

Good traceability systems are also critical to keeping our food safe, tracking and, if needed, recalling contaminated food quickly. Traceability allows the tracking of products and all inputs into those products in the event of an animal disease outbreak.

This project aims to define available technologies and methods to support enhanced traceability in the egg industry: bringing together national research capability and global perspectives on supply chain and traceability standards.