Marketing for consumers

Marketing for consumers

One of the primary services provided by Australian Eggs is the marketing and communications platform targeted at Australian consumers. All activities represent all egg producers, brands and farming systems under the Australian Eggs brand. The purpose of these programs is to:

  • Increase consumer awareness and engagement with eggs due to their:
    • Nutritional benefits
    • Versatility
    • Affordability
    • Convenience
    • Appetite appeal
  • Encourage more consumption as part of a balanced diet
  • Educate school aged children on the benefits of eggs as part of everyday life, as well as encourage awareness of egg farming

More information about the health benefits of eggs is available in the nutrition section.

These consumer marketing activities are conducted via:

  • TV, magazine, radio and online advertising
  • Integrated publicity
  • Social media engagement
  • A science-based education campaign aimed at primary school students, called All About Eggs

All About Eggs

All About Eggs is a Primary School program that brings together chicken hatcheries and classroom resources that are linked to the Australian Curriculum. It covers Kindergarten to Year 6, with an engaging, real-life science based experiment.

Visit the All About Eggs website by following this link.

Marketing ICC

Australian Eggs engages in marketing campaigns that encourage greater consumption of eggs and increase awareness of the nutritional benefits of eggs.

To help ensure the success of campaigns, we established the Marketing Industry Consultative Committee (Marketing ICC) which helps Australian Eggs decide which campaigns to run. The Marketing ICC was established to help Australian Eggs:

  • Maximise the effectiveness of the marketing program
  • Obtain a clearer understanding of the needs of the industry
  • Obtain timely advice on market developments
  • Ensure greater transparency and accountability to Australian Eggs’ stakeholders.

The primary point of contact for the Marketing ICC is the Australian Eggs Marketing & Communications Manager.