Marketing for farmers

Australian Eggs provides marketing services that assist egg farmers by encouraging consumers to enjoy more eggs. Our marketing activities represent all egg farmers, brands and production systems under the Australian Eggs brand.

A range of consumer marketing activities are conducted, including:

  • TV, magazine, radio and online advertising
  • Integrated publicity
  • Social media engagement

Healthcare professionals

In addition to consumer marketing, Australian Eggs also distributes dedicated healthcare professional communications, targeted at GPs, dieticians and nurses. This is designed to ensure that accurate and current nutritional information and evidence is made available to as many Australian practitioners as possible.


A science-based educational campaign aimed at primary school students, ‘All About Eggs,’ is another important aspect of our marketing program. In partnership with hatcheries, primary school children learn about the lifecycle of eggs and chickens, as well as animal welfare, biosecurity and the nutritional benefits of eating eggs.

Australian Eggs also participates in the ‘Healthy Eating for Kids’ program which communicates the nutritional benefits of eggs to students, parents and school staff.