Research program

The research framework

Year two of the Australian egg industry community research program contains two key components:

1. Retaining core items

The structure and content from last year’s survey instrument will be repeated to provide a comparison of community sentiment in 2019. These core elements are defined as:

  • Items found to be important drivers of trust in the egg industry in Australia. That is, the responsiveness of the egg industry to community concern, the manner in which the egg industry is regulated, and whether the benefits of the egg industry outweigh the costs.
CSIRO trust graphic

The values of arrows in the graphic are called beta weights and represent the relative strength of each relationship: a higher number means that pathway is stronger than one with a lower number.

  • Items that explore community sentiment across the four key areas of:
    • Lives of people
    • Hen welfare
    • Environmental impact
    • Economic viability
  • Items that provide additional insight into why community members feel the way they do about the egg industry e.g. people’s views on broader issues such as the environment and animal welfare.

2. Enhancing the survey instrument

Reflecting the evolving nature of the egg industry in Australia, additional items will be included in the 2019 survey to ensure current issues are captured effectively. This could include, for example, food safety and antimicrobial resistance. Additional items that help to extend the survey instrument’s measurement capacity will also be included where appropriate.

New analysis methods will also be designed to better understand the role that context plays in shaping community sentiment around the Australian egg industry. Specifically, this year’s analysis will attempt to understand how some of the priority issues interact with each other to shape community sentiment.

For example, participants may be asked to respond to a series of items on their attitudes towards food security and egg farm profitability. This will be followed by an item that asks them to make a judgement about how these two items together affect their view of the egg industry overall.

This process may be repeated several times to allow the researchers to better understand how community members make trade-offs and decisions about complex issues.


Data will be collected by surveying a representative sample (on age, gender and education) of more than 5,000 Australians over the age of 18. These participants will be recruited through a research panel and careful attention will be applied to ensure Australians living in regional and remote areas are included in this sample.

In addition, a survey link will also be placed on a public facing CSIRO webpage to allow anyone in the community who wishes to participate to complete the survey.

The survey will be conducted online and data will be analysed by the research team following the successful recruitment of the 5000+ representative sample. A project timeline is available on both the CSIRO project page and Australian Eggs’ website.

CSIRO Senior Research Scientist, Dr Kieren Moffat, will lead the research and be available to interpret and communicate the findings of this work following the publishing of the report.