Sustainability Framework Report 2021

Child beating eggs


This report completes the third annual cycle of the Australian Egg Industry Sustainability Framework.

The process was commenced in April 2018 to provide for productive engagement with the Australian community and to guide ongoing industry improvement.

A key aspect of the Sustainability Framework was the CSIRO community research process, which was conducted this year between July and October. The CSIRO community survey process was undertaken to inform the egg industry of community attitudes and identify pathways to building greater community trust.

The Sustainability Framework process has been enormously successful from the egg industry’s perspective, and hopefully from a community perspective as well.

By engaging directly with a large representative sample of Australians, the egg industry has been able to decouple important sustainability issues from the media cycle and obtain a much clearer sense of mainstream community expectations.

The drivers of community trust and acceptance of the egg industry identified by the CSIRO research has set a challenge for the industry to work towards, increasing its contributions and minimising its impacts.

Through this report, Australian Eggs seeks to demonstrate how the egg industry is responding to that challenge.

Download the report The complete report can be downloaded by following the link below.