The egg industry recognises that building and maintaining trust requires meaningful steps to be taken on the issues of interest to the community.

Australian Eggs’ role is to provide a link between egg farmers and the community by facilitating engagement.  While engagement is valuable in and of itself, the ultimate goal is to provide additional inputs to egg farmers to inform their business planning.

The first important step in this process is to extend the knowledge generated by the CSIRO to egg farmers. This involves unpacking the insights on community attitudes with egg farmers to determine what they mean for the future state of the egg industry. Australian Eggs will implement an extension program across 2019 that uses multiple events and channels to reach the broadest possible range of egg farmers.

Australian Eggs has an important role to play as a funder of research and development (R&D) projects that can develop new knowledge and ultimately find solutions to industry challenges. 

Where there are opportunities to progress the priority issues identified in the Sustainability Framework, new research projects will be incorporated into Australian Eggs’ Annual Operating Plan for 2019-2020. While this is a continuation of Australian Eggs’ ongoing R&D activities, the Sustainability Framework will ensure the work is more relevant to both egg farmers and the community.

The public engagement activities of Australian Eggs will also be expanded to drive increased understanding of egg farming and assist the community in developing informed opinions on priority issues. This process of directly responding to issues raised by the community is intended to improve the effectiveness of the research process over time.

Philip Szepe, Kinross Farms

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