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CSIRO Research

The key conclusions of the CSIRO research outputs were that Australians view the egg industry as:

  • making a positive contribution in terms of being an affordable, nutritious staple in the Australian diet, as well as making a positive economic contribution; and
  • having impacts in terms of animal welfare, environmental management and the provision of accurate information about the industry.

The CSIRO research outputs also identified pathways to building deeper community trust, as set out in the graphic below. The practical impact of the CSIRO findings are that the egg industry must demonstrate:

  • responsiveness to community sentiment by working to maintain contributions and minimising impacts;
  • the manner in which the egg industry is regulated and that it supports the development of appropriate regulation; and
  • it is working hard to maximise the contributions and minimise the impacts of the industry.
CSIRO trust graphic

The values of arrows in the graphic are called beta weights and represent the relative strength of each relationship: a higher number means that pathway is stronger than one with a lower number.

The CSIRO research program involved collecting surveys from two samples of Australians: a representative sample taken from a large, nation‑wide research panel; and, an open sample of Australians that completed the survey through a public link on the project web page.

These samples comprise different groups of people. While the representative sample was designed to be representative of the Australian community on key demographic characteristics, the open sample mainly comprised a group of highly engaged Australians that are passionate about animal welfare.

Due to its representative nature, Australian Eggs has focused on the CSIRO research outputs on the representative sample as the key input to the Sustainability Framework Report. However, Australian Eggs has also considered the responses to the open sample and will use these insights in developing its public engagement activities.

Dr Kieren Moffat, CSIRO

Priority issues

Australian Eggs’ response to the CSIRO research outputs is to pursue the priority issues set out below under each key focus area of the Sustainability Framework.

These were selected as the most relevant issues to pursue as they were identified in the CSIRO research report as being important to the community. The 10 priority issues also reflect the egg industry’s primary impacts and contributions and are able to be practically progressed.

The remaining sections of the Sustainability Framework Report address these priority issues by:

  • providing relevant context;
  • identifying progress to date; and
  • identifying opportunities for further improvement.

The information provided is intended to strike a balance between being engaging to the broader community as well as being insightful. The objective is to create a common understanding of the context of each priority issue so opportunities for improvement can be identified and tracked through to a practical setting.

Download the report

The complete report can be downloaded by following the link below.