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CSIRO Research

The CSIRO conducted a national survey of Australian community attitudes in 2018 and reported on the findings of this work in October 2018.

The process was repeated in 2019 with two main goals:

  • Provide a 12-month comparison on key measures included in the 2018 survey to evaluate any change in community attitudes
  • Explore in more detail issues that the 2018 survey showed us were important to the Australian community

In 2019, the CSIRO collected data from 5,630 Australians as part of a nationally representative sample and 1,310 Australians via an open call public web link. The results were published in October 2019.

Key findings

  • 57% of Australians expressed higher levels of trust in the egg industry, up from 53% in 2018
    • Trust and acceptance among the Australian public has improved in the last 12 months
  • 83% of Australians rely on eggs as an important staple food
    • Recognition of the egg industry as contributing to food security of Australians decreased while remaining very high
  • 64% of Australians agreed the industry was prepared to change its practices in response to community concerns

    • More Australians saw the egg industry as prepared to make changes to align with community expectations
  • 93% of Australians care about the welfare of hens
    • Animal welfare remains a priority issue for the industry with participants in the representative sample feeling that egg farmers need to do more to improve hen living conditions
  • 76% of Australians felt that egg farming was lower in environmental impact than other industries

    • Perceptions have shifted on the environmental aspects of sustainability in the egg industry, with a substantial increase in the number of Australians who believe egg farming is a good use of land and has a lower environmental impact than other agricultural industries
  • 88% of Australians see eggs as an important source of nutrition in the Australian diet

    • Awareness of the nutritional benefits of eggs remained high
Trust graphic

Drivers of trust

The drivers of trust from 2018 were confirmed with an additional driver, confidence in food safety, contributing significantly to trust and acceptance of the egg industry.

The values of arrows in the graphic above are called beta weights and represent the relative strength of each relationship: a higher number means that pathway is stronger than one with a lower number.

The practical impact of the CSIRO findings are that the egg industry must demonstrate:

  • Responsiveness to community sentiment by working to maintain contributions and minimise impacts
  • The manner in which the egg industry is regulated and support the development of appropriate regulation
  • The steps taken to ensure the safety of eggs
  • The level of contributions and impacts to enable the community to form views

Dr Kieren Moffat, CSIRO

Download the report

The complete report can be downloaded by following the link below.