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Egg Industry Sustainability

The Australian Egg Industry Sustainability Framework sits within a global sustainability movement committed to social inclusion, environmental sustainability and economic development.

Global organisations, led by the United Nations have spent decades developing a plan for action to guide improvement by nations, industries, businesses and individuals. These Sustainable Development Goals have been adopted by Australia and our trading partners to form a touchstone for sustainability initiatives globally.

The Sustainability Framework is a process for exploring how the egg industry can best contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals by defining what is socially, environmentally and economically responsible in the context of egg farming.

It does this by driving informed consideration of issues that:

  • are important to the public and other industry stakeholders;
  • reflect the impacts and contributions of the Australian egg industry; and
  • can be progressed by egg farmers.

The priority issues that are the focus of the Sustainability Framework have been informed by the community research process conducted by the CSIRO. These priority issues are not intended to be comprehensive and the egg industry will continue to pursue a broad range of additional issues that impact sustainability, such as food safety and antimicrobial stewardship.

The Australian Egg Industry Sustainability Framework links to the Sustainable Development Goals in the areas highlighted below.


Download the report

The complete report can be downloaded by following the link below.