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Sustainability Framework Process

The Sustainability Framework seeks to give meaning to the Australian egg industry’s objective of farming eggs for Australians in a manner that is socially, environmentally and economically responsible.

In broad terms, the Sustainability Framework process involves:

  • tracking of public views on the impacts and contributions of the egg industry to identify issues of interest to the public;
  • engaging genuinely with the public on issues of interest to correct misconceptions and acknowledge residual concerns;
  • demonstrating how the egg industry is addressing issues of interest and applying international best practice on hen welfare, food safety and biosecurity; and
  • reporting transparently on industry progress in key areas.

To put this process to effect, Australian Eggs obtained the assistance of leading independent social science researchers at the CSIRO.

Using the CSIRO was intended to demonstrate Australian Eggs’ commitment to a process of genuine community engagement. Their research team provided the expertise required to drive the project and the credibility of an independent organisation operating under a strict governance framework.

Working with the CSIRO, Australian Eggs developed an annual cycle of activity to ensure the process was effective and transparent. Full details of these steps are available on the 'key steps' page of this website and an outline can be seen in the timeline below.

Timeline February update

John Coward, Egg Farmers of Australia

Industry Committee

Australian Eggs uses levy funds and commonwealth contributions to provide R&D, marketing and industry information services to the egg industry and the public. The Australian Egg Industry Sustainability Framework has been undertaken as a service to the industry.

Australian Eggs is not a farming business or a representative body for egg farmers and it was important that the Sustainability Framework process was conducted with the support of egg farmers.

To achieve this, Australian Eggs formed the Sustainability Industry Consultative Committee (ICC) which comprises a group of prominent egg farmers.

The Sustainability ICC is made up of large and small egg farmers from each state, as well as a delegate from the national egg industry representative body, Egg Farmers of Australia. EFA has a federated structure and its activities are guided by state-based egg industry representative bodies.

Members of the Sustainability ICC are:

  • Paul Pace, Pace Farm, NSW
  • Kent Antonio, McLean Farms, QLD
  • Anne Andary, Days Eggs, SA
  • Ian Wilson, Bodalla Eggs, WA
  • Philip Szepe, Kinross Farm, VIC
  • John Coward, Egg Farmers of Australia

Download the report

The complete report can be downloaded by following the link below.