IRB consultation

IRB Consultation

Australian Eggs works closely with egg industry representative bodies (IRBs) to ensure it has the benefit of industry knowledge and egg farmer feedback.

The main IRBs that Australian Eggs has close contact with are:

  • Egg Farmers of Australia;
  • Queensland United Egg Producers;
  • Commercial Egg Producers of Western Australia;
  • Commercial Egg Farmers of South Australia and Tasmania;
  • New South Wales Farmers Egg Committee; and
  • Victorian Egg Farmers Egg Group.

Australian Eggs is also open to engaging with other IRBs that are currently operating or may form from time to time.

Australian Eggs’ engagement with IRBs is conducted in both a formal and informal basis. In preparation of the current Annual Operating Plan, Australian Eggs attended and presented at IRB meetings to report on activities to date and outline how the new strategic plan would be brought to life through refinement of the marketing and research, development and extension activities. This included the proposal to rebrand Australian Eggs and the release of the revised egg industry quality assurance program, Egg Standards of Australia (ESA).

This consultation revealed broad support for Australian Eggs’ strategic direction, with the main caveat being there remains a range of views across the industry on the precise terms of ESA. While ESA remains in an implementation phase, it is proposed that a review be conducted in 2018 to test whether the various perspectives have been supported through its operation.

In terms of informal engagement, Australian Eggs maintains regular contact with IRB representatives on emerging industry issues. For example, Australian Eggs operates informal consultation groups on specific issues including anti-microbial stewardship, industry statistics and export activities and many IRB representatives participate in these processes across the year. Australian Eggs also responds to IRB requests for outputs that are consistent with our activities such as the recent egg farmer toolkit for farm trespass.

There is a significant degree of overlap between the representatives on IRBs and egg farmers such that IRB representatives have the benefit of a range of Australian Eggs’ engagement activities such as periodical and electronic newsletters, attendance at forums and participation in workshops.