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Day 1



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On day 1 of our virtual hatchery we meet our brand new chicks and watch one break itself out of an egg! We explore the hatching process and the importance of a chick’s egg tooth as well as what our chicks will need to get them started in life. We’ll see our babies meet their new brothers and sisters and watch them explore their new home.

  • To understand that living things have life cycles
  • To understand the needs of baby chicks
  • To explore how people take care of baby animals

A useful tool for remote learners, this video series makes it much easier for students to explore the early days of a chick’s life without having to directly engage with the animals. The first video looks at the hatching process and the set up in a hatchery, exploring what resources are needed to look after newborn chicks in the first days of their life. 

Extend learning by using the interactive lessons available here and consider using the following questions to provoke students’ curiosity and encourage further thinking about the needs of hens and chicks: 

  • Where do eggs come from?
  • Do all eggs have chicks inside?
  • How do farmers look after hens?
  • What do baby animals need from their carers?