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Day 2



For Teachers

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On day 2, watch as our chicks get moved to the larger space in their hatchery set up and learn how to be ‘grown-up chicks’! Understand how chicks learn to eat and drink and learn more about what they need and how they change as they get bigger and more confident. See how they start to interact with humans and learn about ‘pasty butt’ a common affliction that farmers need to be aware of in young chicks.

  • To understand how chicks grow and change
  • To understand how humans interact with the animals they take care of

Extend student learning by using the interactive lessons available here and consider using the following questions to provoke students’ curiosity and encourage further thinking about the needs of hens and chicks: 

  • What is animal welfare?
  • How might egg farmers use science in their job?
  • How do the needs of chicks differ from the needs of other baby animals?
  • Is it important for farmers to keep their animals happy?