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Day 3



For Teachers

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Day 3 in the virtual hatchery sees our chicks develop their confidence and learn to roost and explores how their carers keep them healthy with a special diet. Discover how the habits our chicks build up while they are young supports their growth and development when they are older and understand more about how they relate to each other in their group. This video clip can also be used to inspire thinking about our own diet and healthy habits, with the discussion questions in the notes section.

  • To understand the needs of living things
  • To explore habits and actions that keep our bodies and minds healthy

Extend student learning by using the interactive lessons available here and consider using the following questions to provoke students’ curiosity and encourage further thinking about the needs of hens and chicks, as well as our own needs:

  • What do animals need from their carers?
  • Which foods do we need to stay healthy?
  • What are our favourite treat foods?
  • What else can we do to keep our bodies and minds healthy?