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Day 5



For Teachers

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This video is a recording of a live Q&A session with hen expert Jess Spencer. Jess speaks with students about the best way to produce the perfect egg on her farm, how she keeps her hens and chicks healthy and happy, and the technology she uses in egg production. Watch the video to see extra classroom challenges you can try at home and at school!

  • To understand how people use science in their jobs
  • To pose questions based on observations

Use this recording as a way to review your class’s participation in the session if you were able to join in the live Q&A or to see what questions other schools asked of our hen expert Jess Spencer. This video could be used as a provocation to write questions and interview a local animal expert from your community or remotely. Further exploration could be encouraged with the following discussion questions:

  • What kinds of people work with animals?
  • How are these jobs different or similar?
  • Who do we know that works with animals?
  • What do people that work with animals need to know?
  • What would I like to ask someone that works with animals?