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news high school

news 16 April 2019

High School Egg-ducation

Australian Eggs are pleased to introduce a suite of brand new High School resources for teachers and students on the newly revamped integrated “All About Eggs” website.

Having previously created lesson plans and interactive resources for primary students, Australian Eggs have expanded their reach into high school. By inspiring students with exciting inquiry-based units of work, areas like design technology, digital technology, food science and sustainability can be taught through problem-based student led lessons.

The new high school resources will support teachers in NSW with the introduction of Agriculture onto the NSW high school curriculum and teach students essential information about health and nutrition, animal welfare and the organisation of the Australian egg industry.

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news back to school

news 29 November 2018

Eggs go back to school

Australians eat more than six billion eggs a year and the story of their production and consumption is being brought to life in a new schools education program.

The revamped and expanded All About Eggs program goes beyond the farming of eggs by delving into related areas of nutrition, food technology, social science and sustainability.

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news bio security

news 20 December 2018

Biosecurity for the Backyard Chook

Recent media interest in the animal and human health risks associated with keeping backyard poultry has revealed the need for improved biosecurity education.

Australian Eggs’ Managing Director, Rowan McMonnies, said the CSIRO’s warning about risks to animal and human health was timely and backyard owners need to understand the responsibilities.

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secondary banner

news 16 July 2018

New Model for Animal Welfare

Developing new technology to measure stress in hens and identifying values-based elements in animal welfare science are key items in Australian Eggs’ new research and development plan released today.

Hen welfare research funded by Australian Eggs has traditionally focused on solving practical issues faced by egg farmers, such as hen behavioural issues and diseases. However, the public debate on animal welfare has evolved to include concepts that go beyond the physical condition of hens.

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news egg farmers switch gear to build trust

news 27 April 2018

Egg farmers switch gears to build trust

Agricultural industries must be more transparent to build trust with a changing Australian public that is increasingly interested in how their food is produced.

That’s according to Australian Eggs who today released an Australian Egg Industry Sustainability Framework that forms a long-term commitment by the egg industry to transparent engagement with the community.

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news chroline the unknown but essential nutrient

news 27 February 2018

Choline - the unknown but essential nutrient

Just as you thought you had your diet sorted, along comes another nutrient for you to consider.

Choline is an essential nutrient that has until recently flown under the radar. It helps metabolise fat, maintain healthy cell membranes and may improve brain functioning and memory. Plus, recent research out of the US has highlighted the importance of choline during pregnancy and early infancy.

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news 18 December 2017

6 out of 7 Australians not getting enough quality protein

Australians have improved their intake of quality protein rich foods but are still falling a serve short of the recommended daily amount according to figures from the Australian Health Survey released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) last week.

The data shows there has been an increase in consumption of lean meats and alternatives such as fish, eggs and tofu, but only one in seven (14%) of people met the recommended daily serves on a regular basis.

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