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Ethics, Eggs and Sustainable Farming

stage 5


Design and Technologies, Digital Technologies, Health and Physical Education

In this module students will explore egg production in Australia with a focus on ethical practice surrounding egg farming and production, consumer perceptions around purchasing eggs, the laws and regulations surrounding this industry, the level of sustainability in this industry, and possibilities for increased sustainability.

Students will use an inquiry-based approach to research the information throughout this unit and a range of digital technologies to present their information to an audience. They will use the Solutions Fluency learning model designed by Crockett et al. (2011) which will guide their work through six phases, Define, Discover, Dream, Design, Deliver and Debrief.

This module is designed for an 8 week period, with several short activities and opportunities for students to complete activities in their own time. Teachers should be aware that some sections may take longer than others and use their discretion when organising their lesson timings.

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For Teachers

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