Recipes and Cooking: Dinner Recipes

We’re used to consuming eggs for breakfast but they also make a versatile ingredient in easy dinner recipes. Eggs often provide that missing element in your dinner, pulling your meal together into a perfect nutritional feast at the end of the day. 

From frittatas and tarts to tray bakes, we have easy recipes that use eggs as the basis for a healthy dish. Or you can find an Asian noodle or soup recipe which uses egg as a delicious garnish and finishing touch. 

If you’re a vegetarian, we have a variety of meat-free, nutritional recipes that will fill you up after a busy day. Look out for our flavoursome Vegetarian Bibimbap Bowl for winter or our healthy Egg Buddha Bowl when the weather is warm. 

Eggs have a high nutrient density, making them a great accompaniment to any dinner dish that will appease every family member. Get inspired by our egg dinner recipes below and enjoy a quick, easy, and satisfying meal today.

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