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Meal Plans

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Meal Plans

Meal Plans

It can be easy to overlook the importance of our diet when we lead a busy and hectic lifestyle. These 7-day meal plans have been created by an Accredited Practising Dietitian based on meeting the recommendations outlined in the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. Each of these includes plenty of tasty recipes to help make healthy eating as easy as possible for everyone.

  • Low Cholesterol 7 Day Meal Plan

    Eating a healthy diet can play a significant role in helping to reduce and manage cholesterol levels in the blood, in turn helping to reduce the risk of heart disease.

  • Mediterranean 7 Day Meal Plan

    Largely considered one of the world's healthiest eating patterns, the Mediterranean diet is often associated with supporting a reduced risk of various lifestyle-related diseases, including lowering the risk of heart disease and "bad" cholesterol levels.

  • Weight Loss 7 Day Meal Plan

    A combination of healthy balanced eating and leading an active lifestyle is the most effective way to manage weight over the long term.

  • High Vitamin D Meal Plan

    It can be easy to overlook natural food sources when seeking to increase your vitamin D intake. Vitamin D is sometimes called the 'sunshine vitamin' for a reason. The best source of vitamin D is sunlight.

  • Vegetarian 7 Day Meal Plan

    With careful planning, a vegetarian diet can provide all the essential nutrients needed for a healthy life. Eating balanced meals and snacks is important to ensure daily requirements for nutrients such as iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids in particular, are met.

  • High Protein 7 Day Meal Plan

    It can be easy to overlook the importance of our diet when we lead a busy and hectic lifestyle. However not taking good care of our eating habits can lead to fatigue, poor concentration and health issues.

  • Weight Gain 7 Day Meal Plan

    Gaining weight can be just as challenging as losing weight.

  • Pregnancy 7 Day Meal Plan

    Eating a healthy diet is especially important during pregnancy. Not only are you feeding yourself and aiming to boost your own health and wellbeing, but you are also providing all the nutrients needed for your growing baby.

  • PCOS 7 Day Meal Plan

    Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) affects roughly 8–13% of reproductive-aged women. Given the name, it tends to suggest some form of gynecological issue; however, PCOS is an endocrine disorder, which causes it to affect many of the body's hormones and organs – in addition to the ovaries.

  • Diabetes 7 Day Meal Plan

    When it comes to managing Type 2 diabetes, the most useful advice is developing and sustaining a healthy, well-balanced diet.

  • Gestational Diabetes 7 Day Meal Plan

    Consuming and maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is ordinarily recommended during pregnancy. However, in cases where gestational diabetes presents itself, extra attention to your nutrition is imperative.

  • Gluten-Free 7 Day Meal Plan

    Following a strict gluten-free diet can often seem tricky because gluten is a common ingredient added to most foods. Another challenge comes from supporting your food intake variety and balancing what's required to meet your daily nutritional needs.

  • Low FODMAP 7 Day Meal Plan

    Consuming a low FODMAP diet has been scientifically shown to be an effective lifestyle treatment for many people who experience the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or living with regular digestive discomfort.

  • Low Carbohydrate 7 Day Meal Plan

    In recent years we've seen a growing and positive trend towards eating patterns significantly lower in carbohydrates, without eliminating the food group completely.

    This eating style can be an excellent way to support health and wellbeing, while still consuming a well-balanced diet and meeting daily nutritional needs.

  • Weight Gain For The Elderly 7 Day Meal Plan

    Both the physical effects of ageing and the impact of social changes can affect appetite and food intake at this time of life, making it more challenging to meet daily nutritional needs.

    One of the side effects of these changes can be unintentional weight loss.

  • Eye Health 7 Day Meal Plan For Older Adults

    When it comes to supporting and maintaining eye health in seniors, a healthy and balanced diet can go a long way.

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