Leading Research: in Biosecurity & Flock Health

Maximising the health and productivity of hens is fundamental to maximising egg production and achieving satisfactory egg quality.

The increasing proportion of free range hens in recent years and the greater variability within free range production systems has the potential to impact the reliability of egg supply and consumer confidence. 

Investment in R&D will focus on the investigation of short term, industry transferable solutions to hen disease and biosecurity threats, as well as long term research investigating the development of vaccines and therapeutic medicines to ensure that we are addressing more complex issues. The intended outcome is lower hen mortality rates, less and shorter breaks in production and consequently, increased productivity.

To assist the industry in maintaining strict biosecurity Australian Eggs has produced a range of resources to translate research learnings into helpful on-farm resources. The booklets can be downloaded below, or ordered in printed format from Australian Eggs.



Current Research

  • Biotechnology: Black solder fly for soil improvement

    Australian Eggs is one of 6 contributing RDCs in this collaborative project. Researchers are developing a novel solution, using black soldier flies to convert agricultural waste into high quality fertiliser to improve soil.

  • Spotty Liver Disease Epidemiology

    Researchers will collect information and cloacal swabs from 30 free range flocks across Australia to find patterns in Spotty Liver Disease infection. This data will improve our understanding of how management factors affect or prevent flock infection of Spotty Liver Disease.

  • Sustainable Worm Control

    Through surveying producers, collecting faecal samples and examining spent hens, researchers will be able to determine the prevalence and significance of worm infection in free range layer flocks in Australia.

  • Decontamination

    Researchers will address knowledge gaps by developing a set of guidelines and procedures for everyday decontamination of layer production areas, which will help to manage the risk of disease infecting and spreading within the flock.

  • Optimising performance, health, flock consistency & egg quality characteristics through management

    In this project, researchers will work with free range farms to understand the management factors which influence common problems in free range systems such as variable peak of lay timing and inconsistent egg size and quality.

  • On-farm Biosecurity Risk Identification Framework for the Australian layer industry

    This report provides a support tool for Australian egg producers to determine biosecurity risks on-farm. As well as assisting Egg producers in understanding what constitutes a risk and why, the report offers potential management strategies to decrease on-farm risks to biosecurity.

Completed Research

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