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Australian Egg Industry Overview

Days Eggs two farmers behind hens

Australian Egg Industry Overview

Australian Egg Industry Overview

The egg industry is made up of a diverse range of businesses, from large vertically integrated farms that control rearing, production, grading, packing and transportation, to very small-scale farms that sell to local markets.

Australians consume 17 million eggs every day and farmers work around the clock to supply a range of eggs and egg products to suit everyone. Find out more about Australia's growing egg industry below.

Key Statistics

How many eggs are consumed each year in Australia? Per capita egg consumption grew to 247 eggs in the 2018-19 financial year. With an average egg weighing 58 grams, this equals 14.3 kilograms of egg per person, per year.

How many eggs are produced each year in Australia? In the 2018-19 financial year, Australian egg farmers produced 6.22 billion eggs or 518.1 million dozen eggs.

Where are eggs produced in Australia and who are our top egg-producing states? In the 2018-19 financial year, New South Wales produced 33% of Australia's eggs with Victoria (26%) & Queensland (25%) not far behind.

How many hens are there in Australia's egg industry? In June 2019, Australia's egg industry reported a national flock size of 20,946,659 layers or 28,605,990 layers and pullets.

What farming systems are used to produce eggs in Australia? There are three main egg farming systems used in Australia: free range, cage and barn-laid. Free range egg production has grown significantly over the last 15 years and now makes up 47% of all grocery retail sales. However, there remains strong demand for cage and barn-laid eggs as an affordable source of high-quality protein.

Egg production

  Eggs Produced Dozens Produced
2018-19 FY 6.22 billion eggs 518.1 million dozen
2017-18 FY 6.18 billion eggs 515.7 million dozen
2016-17 FY 5.51 billion eggs 459.2 million dozen

Egg consumption per capita

egg consumption australia

Year Eggs Consumed
2018-19 FY 247 eggs per person, per year
2017-18 FY 245 eggs per person, per year
2016-17 FY 231 eggs per person, per year
2015-16 FY 226 eggs per person, per year
2014-15 FY 221 eggs per person, per year

Major supermarket egg sales 

supermarket egg sales

Year Sales Volume Sales Value
2018-19 FY 230.8 million dozen $961.3 million
2017-18 FY 229.7 million dozen $940.6 million
2016-17 FY 218.4 million dozen $930 million
2015-16 FY 207.6 million dozen $880.8 million
2014-15 FY 194.2 million dozen $846.1 million

Supermarket Sales By Farming System

2018-19 FY.

 Farming System

Sales Volume

Sales Value

Free range













As at June 2019.

Layers and pullets Layers
28,605,990 20,946,659

State flock percentages 

2018-19 FY.

state hen flock breakdown

State Flock Percentages Proportion
New South Wales 33%
Victoria 26%
Queensland 25%
Western Australia 8%
South Australia and Northern Territory 7%
Tasmania 1%

Australian Eggs is a member owned not-for-profit company providing marketing and research & development (R&D) services for the benefit of Australian egg farmers. To find out more about the Australian egg industry view our most recent annual reports here.

Want to see what an egg farm looks like? Take this interactive 360 degree tour to see how eggs are produced in Australia.

Free range farm with two people